Drone of the Day: The Drone We Might Use If Iran Is Lying

William M. Arkin · 07/14/15 12:10PM

This is CICADA. Half science project and half special access program of the highest classification, CICADA represents a new class of “swarm” drones and unmanned capabilities that are unlike anything we’ve seen in war before.

"Bunker Busters" Will See More Action in News Headlines Than in Iran

William M. Arkin · 04/06/15 11:40AM

Whatever happened between the United States and Iran last week—and it's too early yet to tell, really—"progress," or even "maintaining the status quo," wasn't good enough to be the whole story. Mendacious Mullahs, Negative Netanyahus, and the whole cast of national security knuckleheads had a field day speculating about war anyhow—because, well, what's the fun of speculating about peace?