Drone of the Day:  Black Hornet

William M. Arkin · 07/10/15 12:30PM

At four inches by one inch and weighing half of an ounce (16 grams), Black Hornet is more Pixar character than fighting drone. And like a Pixar character, one gets the sense that though it is now in the secret agent arsenal of at least three countries—the United States, Britain and Israel—it could easily be swatted away, with the use of a powerful fan as an effective countermeasure.

Cancel Your Summer Vacation Plans to Afghanistan

William M. Arkin · 05/07/15 01:00PM

The Daily Beast is reporting that the administration is warning members of Congress not to visit Afghanistan during the 2015 fighting season this summer because of the heightened danger. It’s not the first time such cautions have been urged, but this year, coming after the official end of combat operations and the triumphal return and rise of Joe, Congressional sources are saying it contradicts the rosy picture being conveyed.